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Affordable Movers in Wilmington, NC

Affordable movers Wilmington NC All Pro Movers, the professional alternative to common carrier, are local movers that have been helping Wilmington, NC and surrounding area residents since 2001. Our name is a statement meaning we employ only honest, hard-working and professional movers. We will do any size job, all you have to do is rent the truck. We provide the best service for the lowest total cost of all moving companies in Wilmington, NC.

Our local movers are available for the low price of $60.00 per day. How do we keep our costs so low?

Our secret: you rent the truck.

Instead of paying by the hour to rent our truck, you pay by the day to rent your own truck, cutting costs and ensuring that you aren't getting charged just to have someone else's vehicle idle in your driveway. This truly makes us the most affordable movers in the area!

Give us a call today. We're Wilmington's most affordable movers for local and long-distance relocations. Our moving company will help you to go through the truck rental process, saving you time, energy and money. You rent the truck, we do the heavy lifting, and you save big time. Other moving companies don't even come close.

At $60.00 per job, does it really get any better than that? Call on us any day of the week, and we're here for you. No job is too big or too small.

Local movers Wilmington NC

Other moving companies can't compete!

We know that, when you're getting ready to move, you're excited. The last thing you want to worry about is moving companies. You want to make one phone call, make one plan, get quoted one price and get it over with. Why does it have to be so hard to find local movers who won't overcharge you, but who you can trust to get the job done right?

Proudly Serving The Areas Around Wilmington, NC

It just doesn't seem to make sense- why are the other moving companies so expensive? Here at All Pro Movers, we have your answer, and your solution. Traditional moving companies are primarily charging you for the transportation of good, requiring a truck, a driver, and all kinds of insurance and certifications. Since they provide their own vehicle, that means they're charging you for every hour that truck sits in your driveway. Common carriers own expensive trucks, and you're the one paying those trucks off. It can be frustrating when you're gathering estimates, enough to make you wonder if there isn't a better way.  Now you don't have to worry about all the other expensive moving companies, because All Pro Movers is here for you!

When you choose us, you choose an affordable moving company because we do not charge for every hour like other moving companies. Instead, all you do is rent a truck from somewhere else, and we will take care of the rest! It is that simple. We can get you from A to B in no time at an affordable price!

Your Local Movers Serving Wilmington, NC

Our Self-Help Moving System cuts costs by focusing less on transportation and more on truck rental. When you call All-Pro, you won't have to deal with the same overhead that other moving companies make you pay for out of your own pocket. You're paying a fee for professional and local movers who works by the hour, and renting your own truck by the day, a much cheaper alternative. Rely on our local movers today!

Our experienced movers take the time to ensure no property is damaged during the moving process. We are one of the most reputable moving companies in the area due to our strong focus on customer service. If you are looking for affordable movers for your relocation, you can trust our team to do it right.

Moving companies Wilmington NC

When you call and tell us about your job, we'll recommend the size of truck that you'll need and introduce you to some local truck rental agencies that can give you a great price for it. That way, instead of paying for a common carrier to park a truck in your driveway for hours, you're paying for a staff of professional movers to help you get out and get going. There's a reason why we're the local movers people trust: we're here to save you money.

Our local movers are punctual and arrive with hand trucks, appliance dollies, 4-wheel dollies, all of your furniture pads, a full set of hand tools, and years of experience.

We ensure the safest move by sending you only the highest caliber movers with all the tools and all the skills. Don't bother with other moving companies in Wilmington -- call us today!

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We offer professional local movers, $60.00 on every job. It's so cheap because you rent the truck. Unlike other moving companies, which force you to use their truck and make you pay for the privilege by the hour, we guide you through renting the truck for the entire day for a flat rate. Then we provide the affordable movers to help you pack, unpack and get where you need to go. That's how we save you money every single day!

Affordable, Local Moving Company Of Wilmington, NC

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